Frequently Asked Questions

What material do you use to make your creations?

They are in solid silver 800/1000.

Can Silverleaf creations be made out of gold or other metals?

No. Our creations are fashioned out of silver because we admire the beautiful and natural characteristic this metal has of taking on various colors through the oxidation process.

What machinery do you use to make them?

No mechanical or computerized means are used, no photoengraving and no printing.
These bookmarks are entirely made by hand, from the first cut to the last engraved detail.

What sort of dye do you use for the black coloring and silver shading?

We do not use any type of coloring substance.
The black tone and the various kinds of shading that you see in the silver are obtained by calibrating the metal oxidation; that’s why each object is thoroughly unique even in the variations of the coloring and shading.
Creations can be finished with various tones of galvanic plating.

Can Silverleaf creations be customized?

Yes, they can be personalized for free by engraving a name, a date or a short phrase. You can add your custom engraving during the purchase process.
The entire creation can be personalized as well. We can fashion a one-of-a-kind creation for you based on an idea, a photo or any other design. We will send you a sketch of your creation along with an estimated weight, measurements and a price quotation. Then it’s up to you to send an email to approve the proposal.
Visit our customization page for more info and to get your quote.

How are they packaged?

The package has the form of a book that contains a quote about the world of books and there is room for you to write a short message. A special page will contain the bookmark.
Visit our packaging page for more info.


Our creations are protected from oxidation and scratches by transparent lacquer. They can be cleaned gently with a damp, soft cloth.
Whatever problem might arise with your objects, contact us and we will help you solve it.

How much do your creations cost?

Costs vary according to the number of hours needed to complete them. The items in our catalogue start from € 349 (excluding VAT).
Shipment is usually free, see our return policy.

How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card or by direct bank transfer.

How long will it take?

We usually ship within 7 business days.
For objects on order times vary depending on the request itself and in what period you place your order.

Warranty and Returns

Every Silverleaf creation has a 2-year warranty against possible defects and is engraved with an identifying alphanumeric code, filed in our company archives.
Each piece is also engraved with trademarks and the oak leaf logo.
Customers can return the silver creation within the first 14 days upon receipt (except for customized creations). The customer will cover the delivery costs in this case.