Starry Night

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The village depicted in Starry Night sleeps in an overwhelming silence. The nature, represented with great energy and dynamism, is alive in the painting, moved by a nocturnal wind. The sky, rich in details of whirling clouds, surrounds the village, making it seem almost powerless. Van Gogh’s Starry Night conveys strong emotions that reflect what the painter felt. Even though the dark colors might be scary, a sense of comfort and peace is created by the bright lights coming from the moon and the stars.

Limited edition
100 fountain pens.
Pen details

Length: 15 cm, 5.9″; Width: 1.5 cm, 0.59″; Total weight: 52 g, 1.83 oz; Material: Sterling Silver 925.
Nib details
Our fountain pens originally come with a size F (18 Kt 750 Gold) nib. However, we give you the possibility to choose other nibs.
Presented in a prestigious wooden box where you will find a silver-wood desk display, a small glass ink bottle (50cc, available in black and blue, other colours are available on request), a cleaning cloth, a booklet about the creation of the pen and our workshop including the certificate of authenticity and the two-year warranty, signed by the authorized retailer.


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