About us

A hand is the essence of action: it grasps, creates and sometimes you could say that it thinks. When it is at rest it is not an inanimate tool, left there on the table or abandoned, lifeless: habit, instinct, and will-to-act whirl within it, and it’s easy to predict the gesture it will soon make … creating a new universe, leaving its traces everywhere. The handiwork transforms along with the material it is transforming, along with the shapes that it brings to life.
Henri Focillon, Éloge de la main

We have been artisan goldsmiths since 1983.
The passion for our work as well as our talent for drawing and our love for art and books has led us to design objects that tell stories through a unique and exclusive technique.

By working silver not only with our hands but also thanks to our artistic sensitivity and taste, we give shape and soul to stories through our jewels.

Our workshop is located in Udine, a small town in northern Italy where it is always a great pleasure for us to welcome our customers. Here you can see with your own eyes how drawings, from mere marks on paper become traces on silver plate and then gradually change and take shape turning into exciting and unique objects carefully crafted with engravings, gilding and oxidation.

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