The woman in gold

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The inspiration for this pendant is the refined and ethereal portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, muse of the Viennese master Gustav Klimt, surrounded by dazzling reflections of the most varied colors of gold. It was the last and most important work of his “golden period”. We’ve captured a blaze of light and splendor where the light of a thousand reflections frame the face, the gaze and intertwined hands of his model; immortalized by the masterpiece.


Pendant in solid, 800/1000 silver
Entirely handmade using a unique and exclusive artisan technique: crafted with engravings, galvanic gilding and oxidation. The decorated sections are protected from wear and oxidation with oven-baked, transparent enameling. The back bears the marks required by law, the oakleaf symbol of our laboratory and it is engraved with a code that guarantees authenticity.
About 27 g or 0.95 oz.
About 5,5 x 5,5 cm or 2.11 x 2.11 inches.
The pendant is delivered in its original packaging complete with a certificate of guarantee and authenticity.
Clean the front of the unit with a soft, damp cloth.
The back can be treated with a specific product for cleaning the silver, taking care not to scratch it.


Lace lenght * 

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The pendant includes a cotton ribbon with silver closure available in the following sizes:

Back pin * 

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It is possible to apply a pin on the back of the pendant so it can also be worn as a brooch. This does not affect the use of the pendant in any way. The additional cost is € 29 and must be specified on ordering.

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