How we work

A hand is the essence of action: it grasps, creates and sometimes you could say that it thinks. When it is at rest it is not an inanimate tool, left there on the table or abandoned, lifeless: habit, instinct, and will-to-act whirl within it, and it’s easy to predict the gesture it will soon make…creating a new universe, leaving its traces everywhere. The handiwork transforms along with the material it is transforming, along with the shapes that it brings to life.

(Henri Focillon, Éloge de la main)

Our creations are entirely made by hand, from the first cut to the last engraved detail. They are in solid silver 800/1000. Our creations are fashioned out of silver because we admire the beautiful and natural characteristic this metal has of taking on various colors through the oxidation process.

No mechanical or computerized means are used, no photoengraving and no printing.
We do not use any type of coloring substance. The black tone and the various kinds of shading that you see in the silver are obtained by calibrating the metal oxidation; that’s why each object is thoroughly unique even in the variations of the coloring and shading. Objects can be finished with various tones of galvanic plating.

Our creations can be personalized for free by engraving a name, a date or a short phrase. The entire creation can be personalized as well. We can fashion a one-of-a-kind creation for you based on an idea, a photo or any other design.