A Chinese legend

Dear sir, I admire your creations very much. Now I want to order a personalized bookmark just like the picture shows.She is a nice girl named ‘Daiyu Lin’ from a famous Chinese classical … Read more

The Thinker

Damn am I satisfied. I´m realy impressed by the grade of detail. The small discrepancy on one of the big toes I take for a proof of the unique workpiece. I also like … Read more

The dog bookworm

Dog Silver Bookmark

Yes, it arrived and it was perfect. Wonderful craftsmanship. The inscription was exactly as requested. I’m very glad people still exist who do things by hand in a beautiful manner as you do.
Thanks again.


My beautiful bookmark of Meeka (my cat) is superb, thank you so much, a real treasure & tribute to your skills. Myfanwy Spellerberg (New Zeland)


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The Thinker

Thanks for your remarkable “The Thinker”. It will even make reading more preciouse to me. Not very considerably but quite notably. Adrian Leverkühn (Germany)


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To mom

To Mom Original Gift

I have ordered a few customization bookmarks and worked closely with the fantastic team in the past few months.
Their artistic design and delicate craftsmanship make the bookmarks alive. Each single one tells a tale, to the one you love.
Thank you

Fairy tales for the girl

The grandmother of an adorable child wanted to give her a very special gift—something the child would treasure for a long time; a small, precious object, made specifically for her.


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Puppy Love

We just wanted to thank you again for the amazing day last week! The bookmark was absolutely stunning and perfect, it was the best engagement present we could have wished for! Dorthe & … Read more

There is no Frigate…

Trovo che sia un lavoro eccezionale; bellissima anche la confezione. Volevo ringraziarvi per la disponibilità avuta nei miei confronti, grazie anche per il biglietto; se verrò nei dintorni di Udine passerò a trovarvi. … Read more